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Tsakiridis Devices Monoblocks Electra – Extreme Sale Price (pair)

Catch this Sale and be the winner ! A mind-condition, flawless working & never serviced pair of Tsakiridis Devices Electra delivering over 150 watts with EL34 tubes (eight per monoblock) at the mind-blowing price of 1.000 euros (price, again, is for both monoblocks in total). Recently changed EL34 tubes costing over 400 euros, under 250 hours of use with the new tubes in place.  A rare offer only for readers. Contact for more details at: or via our ‘contact us’  form. The pair drives in ultralinear or triode, high or low feedback any speaker load with exeplary dynamics, great texture, speed and authority with the low frequencies without any detected bloat. They really shine at a price unheared before.   

tsak1 tsak2

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