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Clearaudio Champion Level II plus Unify Tonearm – For Sale !

“All in all, I’d have to view the Champion/Unify in the context of other high-end, high mass audiophile turntable/unipivot arms I’ve spent time with or sold in the retail world. Sonically, the table was excellent with superb and transparent rendition of timbre and precise positioning within and delineation of the soundfield, and was without the usual plodding rhythmic aspect that ...

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CLEARAUDIO Champion CMB + Satisfy Carbon Tonearm

With the champions, you enter our world and can even make your personal dream come true with a variety of upgrades. This fulfillment of your passion begins with an inverted turntable bearing, outsourced and additionally decoupled motor drive unit and a resonance-optimized chassis made of fine GS acrylic glass. Combined with sophisticated stainless steel technology, the characteristics of the champions ...

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