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SYSTEM AUDIO Ranger (White) – For Sale

Its message is difficult to miss. SA ranger is shaped like a discreet exclamation mark as a reminder of just how pleasurable it is to come home to top-class entertainment.

SA ranger is for people who want to be inspired by top-class entertainment in their homes. When you close your door, shutting out the hectic outside world, SA ranger is open to any kind of musical experience: rock, pop, jazz, classical – or whatever else you fancy. You can play soft background music or blast it out at high volume for hours. You can move around or sit down. Everywhere you go, you will experience uniform and faithfully reproduced sound quality. SA ranger can also be integrated into your home cinema, and will convince you that it is worth spending time spoiling yourself with large-scale experiences.

Price asking: only 1395 euros !! Mint condition.

Contact email:

Phone: +30 2310 818352 Thessaloniki

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