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Sound & Vision Show 2020, Athens – Part Nine








The second grand hall of Orpheus Audio and partners, full of crowd and great music! Lets take a closer look at its treasures:

“Acapella made in Germany horn speakers are chasing excellence with numerous innovations and thoughtful design, which is merging into their unique transducer systems intended to bring music to life.” So, Orpheus audio fell in love with the brand, decades ago. They really shine with VTL amplification and preamplification as well as Einstein tubed amplifiers. These speakers excel both in Jazz & Rock!

Wilson’s Audio legendary 3-way speakers or Acapella’s horn ? Orpheus Audio can help you on this dilemma.

dCS, the best of the best ultra high end digital source, all ‘artists’ there. Plus the Wilson Yvette speakers driven by VTL amplification. To my eyes and ears at least, impressive.

The Gold touch of Goldfinger ultra high end cartridge by ClearAudio.

New Borea Speakers line. Extreme-value-for-money line from Triangle, made in-house in France .

Triangle speakers and Primare amplification & sources. A perfect match.

Einstein products: amplification, preamplification, phono stage. A beloved high end manufacturer.

The new edition of Air Force III turntable called ‘Premium’ entered Sound & Vision 2020 show. You get the Premium treatment, a heavier platter and revised ‘Air Condenser’. As the current press wrote about: Its great advantages are dynamics, smoothness, fluidity and phenomenal bass. Retails 31.250 euros. A very serious,deadly serious turntable.

VTL is one of the most known tube loving USA brands. This EL34 integrated is being produced for quite a few years with great success.

A piece of Primare Audio solid-state multi-awarded current line products.

Triangle also released great music loving stuff like in wall speakers & amplification plus this very pretty all-in-one Bluetooth amp/speaker/server.

ETYT distribution debuts the Hisense fantastic OLED TVs. The picture was out-of-this-world, especially for the price range of each model of the series.

Objects were solid and crisply rendered, lending the image a three-dimensional quality that is rare. Detail was fantastic. DTS Studio Sound, slimbody design and many more features for the buyers.

KI Ruby series by Marantz. “For his 40 years ruby anniversary at Marantz, Ken Ishiwata and his daring team crafted these two audiophile gemstones with hand-selected and custom-made components to carry all the emotions of music. The KI Ruby Series is precision-made and virtuously tuned to deliver the most enjoyable sound to amplify your senses.”

The awarded with EISA Marantz ND8006/Pm8006 – a complete digital music source with gorgeous sound. Streamer, excellent digital to analog converter, cd player. If you ask for more, then you will have to pay a LOT more. Audiophile-grade film capacitors, electrolytic capacitors and cylindrical surface-mount MELF resistors, while the company’s Hyper-Dynamic Amplifier Modules (HDAMs) are used, rather than all-in-one ‘chip amplifiers’ !

KEF released the three-way R11 based on the Uni-Q line. A big floorstanding speaker, a big sounding one that begs you to pump up the volume !

KEF LSX wireless AirPlay 2 enabled-speakers for true high-resolution stereo sound. The convenience and connectivity of wireless . Many colors available

more KEFs than ever !

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