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S.I.N. Audio Boutique [Interviewed by e-magazine / English Edition]



S.I.N. Audio – Interview 2023

[by e-magazine & audiophile news portal]

“We create state-of-the-art, all-hand-made power distributors and power cables. In our experience, the importance of electric power distribution is very often overlooked by many audiophiles when building their audio systems. ”  S.I.N. Audio Boutique of Bulgaria.

  1. What was one of your biggest challenges introducing new high-end power (AC) cables and your Power Split Devices in such a crowded top-tier audio market?

The fact that I’m from Bulgaria is enough to made my life hard enough. What is the first thing that comes in your mind when somebody mentioned Bulgaria? Maybe communism, maybe Stoichkov, but not high-level technical solutions.

  1. How did you first get involved with such products as cables & AC distribution back in 2010-2011 ?

Rumen Artarski from Thrax high-end Audio is guilty for that. I’m an audiophile since I was a teenager, but about 15 years go Rumen sold me a piece of Furutech TP309. I was shocked what a huge sound difference this power distributor have made in my system. Then I said to myself, why?

During that time I was in international trade with sporting goods and I never had any idea how important this power distributor will become.


  1. What makes S.I.N Audio special compared with other audio companies around the World?

Our strength? We are very small boutique-like company, only 3 people. Just like a small high level restaurant, where people go for the specific taste and the specific reason. Lets be clear, the real quality doesn’t scale…


  1. What advice would you give a first-time attendee entering what we call “high quality home audio reproduction”?

Form your own opinion based on listening in your room, alone. Don’t trust the quick tests. Last but not least, the level of goosebump is the most important measure for any audio system.

  1. What do you see as the future of S.I.N Audio? How will it grow or change over time?

SIN Audio will remain dedicated to a simple task, to create products which we like and brings pleasure to those who trust us.


  1. When you are not working hard on show planning, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Tell us your preferences regarding audio equipment and sources (analog or digital f.e.)?

I’m big fan of good food and good wine. One of the things I love the most is to walk. I walk about 16 km a day in average. I love digital sources and thanks to my friend Alex Pechev of APL Hifi I know this is the future.


  1. Is it’s not really what’s happening in the wires, that matters, it’s what happens around the wires. That’s what you strongly believe. And we comply, we also believe. Tell us more about your cable design construction.

The purity of the materials used in the wires is important for sure, but the magnetic field that surrounds the wires are more important for the overall electrical flow of one power cable. If the cable has a stable magnetic filed it will be resilient to vibrations, electromagnetic and radio interferences.

  1. Silent Background Magnetic Technology or SBMTechnology is something more than technical approach. Give us more in-depth information about S.I.N. aspect of things.

Still many audiophiles in the world are listening quantitive and not qualitative. They talk about quantity of sound, bass treble, mids,  it’s like measuring woman’s beauty in cantimeters or killograms…

Why silent backgroud? It’s the only way to listen the real music is by removing the artifical sounds and charmonics and all this is in the background…

If the stable magnetic filed is the solution, SBMTechnology is the tool to achieve this. SBMT is neither the material or the construction only, it is combination of both. The greatest way to evaluate a power cord is how one cable behaves in a different systems. SBMT allows SIN Audio power cables to have the same effect in any audio system, with different strenght (because of the euqipment), but in the same direction


  1. Audiophile power distribution with active or passive components? Do you insist that power conditioning big -bang AC-Filters are not the best possible solution for all situations?

This is very long debate and my answer is very simple. For those who wants to listen one and the same sound 24 hours a day, go for the filters. For those who want to listen few hours a day, but with the fool potentiual of their system, choose the solutions with zero active treatment.

  1. How do you see things in our country? Greece is now a new destination for your products via Element Audio distribution. Happy to see you frequently in our home town, Athens !

Greece is a great country, with great food and with great traditions in music in general. I do believe S.I.N. Audio will find many music lovers who will apriciate our approach in audio. I’m quite sure together with our friends of Element Audio we have all the chances to will achieve this!

Αντιπροσωπεία – Ακροάσεις – Διανομή S.I.N. Audio Boutique


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