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Ultra High End MSB Digitals Today

The Feeling on Obscure’s Audio Presentation

by Tony Pothitos


I’m flying on a carpet of signals, set by the rays which craft my journey to the blissful moments I wish I could photograph, but from the inside of my soul, rather than what’s outside and onto a lens so you can see what I mean. No camera and simply no digital or analogue form can supply the imagery inside ME, which in reality is the only thing that counts when I experienced and I am asked to critic a system. There is no substitute for the real thing and in this case, even when you do catch the notes being thrown into the sky, after the song, you contemplate if you’re in heaven or living hell, since you simply cannot fathom of ever experiencing this again. I’m crushed, and I hate it.

Let me explain.

I was called up by the editor of and was told to have a listen to a system, which was literally a few hundred yards from where I was working on a thesis my friend was trying to conquer (SPSS) with, for his PhD dissertation.

The last thing I expected to do today was to write, or even think about writing another article about a sound system which lacked the general sensation of common sense, mostly because of its high price, which seems to be the only thing people think about lately (never thinking about the fact that with free upgrades and uncanny help from the company, this piece of MSB electronics is actually an investment into the future). Something I despise, as I see my friends spend hundreds, and yes, millions of dollars on system changes throughout their life, when they could have actually achieved the largest effect by going up the proper way to the top of the scale.

This means that if you want to be in this game of high end, or audio in its ultra-high end form, you have to be able to take the time to learn. If you do not do this you will end up being one of many who simply pay and get nothing in return until their own devices, or their pockets, not to mention capability of hearing properly as we age, get to us first.

PLEASE, listen to me for just a few seconds, I promise you it will be not in haste nor immoral for all of us to mature, we only live once and it’s okay to spend cash on things you find to be the perfect, and has been proven to be so by those who know what they are talking about. Before this though, you have to go up the ladder, dollar by dollar, and inch by inch in every woofer you burn, every wire you cut, and every song you hear. To be able to listen to WHAT music needs is to have something very few people have, and that is nothing else but the sense of WHAT the musicians want us to hear, compare it to what is real, what can be achieved, and always remember that without music, life is meaningless, (Nietzsche).

I won’t get into names, prices, or even most of the actual artists that played during this audition, I can only tell you about the timing, the darkness, the crust of my earth which was torn off as I heard the bass so clear that the punch in my intestine was felt by the foot of the drummer, while I inhaled from the doobie lit from the guitarist.

Parenthetically, who says we can’t travel in time? I was taken to Woodstock within a few strokes, so let that be a lesson to those who think that time travel is not possible. IT’S ALL A LIE!

Next a Chinese drum filled my extra-terrestrial soul which I feel now, when just a moment ago I was in the USA and then in Asia.

Bells whistles cling, clang, and came with a very unusual behaviour on my end, which forced me, without my intention to close my eyelids. Not from a need to rest, but to actualize the essence of information.


Obscure’s Audio Showroom 2017 – MSB Reference Digitals & Amplification , Wavac , TLA & Avalon ISIS speakers plus Argento Cabling . The venue for Extreme High End auditions of todays latest worldclass MSB Technology digitals.


Delicate and vital information was to be set into my deepest memory. You see, even after ejaculation, we remember, but cannot feel what had happened, and at this exact point of time, despite the fact I was not in such an act, I felt the need to hold on to it forever. What was I to hold on to you may ask? Well, simply, the deepest rhythm that the East could and had created. Through a simply drum, the size of my entire body, its reverberation and sheer length of time it took to dissipate thevibration from the gong was epic. I could not shake that feeling then, and after two weeks, I still close my eyes and try to get that feeling back. It shocked my world.

How do I explain this to others?I’m scared. What is this? Two hundred years of evolution, and thus a price of 250 grand? This takes pricing a mile away from where most companies stop. Is it worth it? Has MSB created something that is my perfection, and is future proof or is it a lie?

I realize the millions of years of advancementis here today, as music takes on another realm and domain in reproduction with such enthusiasm and respect for life and our hobby, has caught me off guard.


The bad:

Next title:The guitar now sets the mood. I’m not impressed by the playing, nor the choice of instruments used for the recording though. It is not as gratifying as I want it to be. So I will let it play and get back to you in a few moments.

Moments go by…The guitar left, well, in reality it stayed, but it started to tune into a melody which made sense for a low class instrument, and believe you me, when you hear the hull of a guitar as a hollow radio sound, you know it’s a cheap guitar. A guitar is never so big, this is not the size of a real guitar, and it’s the reproduction of a guitar that truly makes me upset.

Do I want to hear it, NO, I don’t, (This may be the only negative of this piece of technology, it gives no help to any bad recording whatsoever, it is ruthless on its clarity and analytic subdivision of every note played. So if you have really bad recordings, play them elsewhere, this is like a diamond cutter’s wish, it only works with the best to produce the absolute, and I mean this with its entire entirety, this is the absolute).

I want the music. Do I care if it is oversize, louder than the original? The answer is yes. I care for the music and the sound pressure level which I want to hear it. This system was playing well over 114 db. Sincerely, have you ever gone to a quiet concert? And since when do we really listen to live? Do we just listen to what is “a live event” or what is wanted to be heard from the producer or the musicians? The recording simply didn’t make justice to the music. It probably plays well on the radio, but not on respectful ears which want to hear reproduction of what the microphone honestly picked up, and with no alteration to the sound itself. It is part of music and our hobby; Some recordings are simply horrendous, while others simply bland. I disrespect both. Sound engineers think what we want to hear and then give what they can to every recording, my question is simple, do they even ask the musician as to what they want to be heard?


The travelling venture worth a million experiences in its place:

The tone rises and the speed immediately gets my attention, my eyes close again as I move my finely tuned fingers (that’s what my manicurist calls them, and my legs swing. Crap this is good playing. Who is it)?

I adore the warmth, I feel the inebriation coming along now, despite the coffee I had just before.

It must have been spiked. I’m drunk!

I’m at the Half Note Jazz Club now. I was beamedhere (remember above with what I said about time travel, well, I guess space and time travel are the same right?), as Bo Ramsey’s voice tells me a story of a summer day. One man’supset, from a woman that left him, make me fight through the smoke and get closer to the stage to see the person behind the microphone. I see the microphone and the metal guitar on my right. Bo, is close to me, (not me to Bo) a little to my left, and some instrument of unknown nature is behind him, playing sweet melon notes (These are notes that make no true sound on its own, but actually feel correct despite the “syntax” errors in the specific title).


Change of music-I demanded and I received my wish.

I’m not transported anywhere this time as I sit here. I simply get lower into the chair and succumb to the slowing of my heart beat, and the lowering of my BP.  Mitchel comes forward and pulls chords not thought possible, I just found out how sweet her voice is, despite the loud musical arrangement behind her. How did they pull that off? I laugh as I hear the lyrics, and the box of beans, she says she lives in. I was in love again with everything I thought hurt me in life.



This is where I want to avoid telling you how I felt about the burning sensation of the saviour of a female vocal,which came forth to my existential now existence.

Four Hybrid DAC’s

The Reference DAC is equipped with MSB’s new Hybrid DAC technology.  This technology was first pioneered in the Select DAC and has finally trickled down into a more compact and afordable package.  Unlike the Select’s 8 module design, the Reference DAC has only 4 modules incorporated.  A total of 8 channels across these four modules are stitched together for a high powered output.  The Hybrid module is capable of being dynamically reconfigured to convert PCM or native DSD (Hence the Hybrid name).

A Thought:

They say we are nothing in front of nature, well, I am now nothing, in front of this experience and the voice of true spirit I live right now, right here.  Does that mean this DAC actually is nature?

Time to take a break I said, and left the gentiles in the room behind me. Just two minutes later I was back.


Mr. Vermeylen, the European Sales Manager, decided to go classical. I couldn’t wait!

He said something about a nine, or was it a German nein? Who cared! The violins were taking me for a ride that was like skating on ice with olive oil, effortlessly and with no control over. The soundstage was immense, so massive it wasn’t fair to actually compare it to what I have heard in decades in a comparable sized room. I could actually count the rows in front of me to the stage. That’s impressive. The tuba and the violins again pressing against my scala tympani, yet very well set together. Very good channel separation despite the fact that here we have levels of music, not just right and left, but depth, and sincerely a great depth at that. Despite the very awkward room this system is in, it has depth and imagery which is sensational.

I better keep quiet now. I’m thinking too much.

Now there I go again, traveling in space despite the fact that I’m listening to a gladiator soundtrack. I have simply let myself go and took in the voices in the trees (I never thought I would say that), the serotonin, let loose from my own brain, and the female vocals which obviously stem from someone born with the name of Christ.

No one else can get as heavenly as this, without speaking a word I understand. Hence, the universal language of music is a true once again. Alarming for me to think about it, but I find even at my age of 52, I have to be reminded through a system that it is so, and without this universal language, we are left to our devices, which literally means leaving us to nothing but instincts and lower mammal behaviour.

I shot the sheriff. On a bad recording was next up. Everything was smaller, tighter, yet still extremely musical in nature with just enough pizazz to make my feet move and my mouth to sing along. I would not want to hear that recording again though, so NEXT.

I asked Frank for some Floyd as I felt I needed an injection of reality. Wish you were here was about to play. I got ready. I was impatiently waiting for the real start, and not the subtle start which we all know of.

The guitar came in so sweet, that I was smiling like an idiot given candy for the second time.


The abrupt end:

This needs to finish. I cannot continue with this system, not like this, I need to evaluate this within my settings. I simply have to have this at my location to see and hear if this is truly what I am listening to, I feel I am literally on a heroine high, if I could imagine what that would be like, and what I write is not valid. This simply cannot be true. If it is, then I have to listen to every recording I have again.

This was not a true test I decide, (maybe they did put something in my coffee!) and neither is this a proper and accurate testing, so I will ignore it and wait until I hear it again. Maybe this was a one off hyperbole of feelings and emotions from having a good night’s sleep.


Until then, don’t listen, PLAY!

By Tony Pothitos

(coming up next week :

Exclusive Interview wiith Mr. Vermeylen [MSB Technology] at Belgium)

For further details / audition of MSB Digitals in Greece contact:

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