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New Reed Tonearm model ‘1H’ at Chameleon Audio !

Ο νέος βραχίονας 1H της κορυφαίας στα αναλογικά Reed είναι εδώ, στην Chameleon Audio.

Με στοιχειά δανεισμένα από τον μεγάλο 3P όπως και καινοτομίες (Ταμπαρισμένο armwand carbon με μαλακό ξύλο, εκπληκτικές επιδόσεις μετρήσεων σε σύγκριση με το απλό carbon. )

…σε τιμή μόνο 2600,-€


Η Chameleon Audio σας προσκαλεί να ακούσετε τους βραχίονες και τα πικάπ της Reed με κεφαλές Shelter & Phasemation όπως και phono-stages αναφοράς της Canary Audio USA, μεταξύ πολλών άλλων αναλογικών κορυφαίων παγκοσμίως προτάσεων, που αλλού… φυσικά στο high end auditions store της. Για σοβαρότατους λάτρεις της μουσικής.

Reed 1H Reed 1H is the latest addition to our entry level tonearm series. And, for the first time, we introduce carbon fiber as primary Reed 1H’s armwand material. After a thorough research we found a way to make the carbon fiber armwand’s acoustic properties close to ones that normally are typical for the wood. By using soft wood to damp the carbon fiber tube, our new armwand’s acoustic properties become considerably better than using carbon fiber alone, and can be compared to wooden armwands.


Effective length    9.5″    10.5’’    12’’

Mounting distance, mm    223    251.6    295.6

Overhang, mm    17    15.4    13.4

Offset angle, deg    22.9    20.7    17.6

Effective mass     From 12 g to 18 g depending on armwand length.

Reed 1H has a cardanic bearing system: vertical axis has thrust rotation bearings and horizontal axis is based on thrust pivot bearings (same concept as in Reed 3P). Such bearing construction eliminates wobbling of a bearing, which has a great impact on the quality of the sound. Among other features, Reed 1H tonearm has azimuth adjustment, replaceable headshell and VTA adjustment. Tonearm height adjustment range is from 28mm to 48 mm. It is also easily tuned and can be mounted on most turntables out of the box or using an adapter. Tonearm signal output is either 5 pin-DIN connector or Finewire 37 cables. Antiskating: magnetic, similar to the one used in Reed 3P.

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