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Kinki Studio new EX-P27 flagship preamplifier!

The EX Series is tuned to reproduce sound quality with balance mid and smooth extension in both ends, high and low extension. True Class-A biased, fully discrete input and output stages are the heart of the EX-P-series. Rich in tonal quality, details, and high resolution. Silky smooth volume control thanks to the discrete R2R volume control, of which known for its precise and accurate volume adjustment with precision matched resistors.

H Kinki Studio ανακοίνωσε τον νέο και κορυφαίο της fully-balanced προενισχυτή αναφοράς, μοντέλο  EX-P27. Ο flagship προενισχυτής αυτός θα έρθει σύντομα και στην χώρα μας από την αντιπροσωπεία Fruit Of The Tubes. Με βάση όσα και όσο γνωρίζουμε την Kinki Studio, περιμένουμε να μπορεί να σταθεί με άνεση και εγωισμό δίπλα σε υλοποιήσεις πολύ μεγαλύτερου μεγέθους και υψηλότερου κόστους, κερδίζοντας ακόμη και σε δυναμική περιοχή όπως και σκηνική ανάλυση-μέγεθος.

The two UK-made AMPLIMO transformers are installed in the CNC-machined aluminum encapsulation, and the entire chassis is made of 8-10mm thick of anodized aluminum block, effectively eliminate the nasty EMI/EMC induced from the surrounding equipment. Neutrality and musicality were the goals to achieve. Rich tonal quality, vivid sound imaging, details, high resolution and dynamic. The choice of the components, design, and tuning does just that. It is the Kinki Studio gears’ sound signature. Most preamps use a potentiometer for volume control. EX-P7 and the P27 uses advanced microprocessor-controlled, relay-based R2R steps attenuator. Ultra-precise 256 steps linear volume control allow you to fine adjust the volume for late-night-listening.

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