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Hiendnews Used / X-Demo / On Sale: Updated Lists !


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Hiendnews Used / On-Sale / X-Demo Lists !

Find out selected & mint in condition audio products at the lowest price imaginable !

[all product models located in Greece and inspected by team]

From: LYRE Audio – Thessaloniki


REGA UK Planar 3 Turntable for just 250 euros !

AVID Ingenium Plug & Play Turntable ! Excellent Condition ! Ingenium Plug & Play builds on its predecessor, retaining many features, making some aesthetic improvements and a more straightforward installation. Complete with quality fitted tonearm and cartridge, it is ready to use within ten minutes…. really Plug&Play. “Product of the Year in the Turntable category”- Jeff Dorgay. Yours for only 700 euros !

B & W speakers model 804S (Cherry). Three-way, reflex-loaded, floorstanding loudspeaker. Drive-units: 1″ (25mm) aluminium tweeter, 6″ (150mm) FST woven-Kevlar midrange cone, two 6.5″ (165mm) Rohacell-cone woofers. Crossover frequencies: 350Hz, 4kHz. Frequency range: –6dB at 30Hz and 33kHz. Frequency response: 38Hz–28kHz, ±3dB, on reference axis. Dispersion: within 2dB of on-axis response over 60° arc (horizontal) and 10° arc (vertical). Sensitivity: 90dB/2.83V/m. Harmonic distortion (second and third harmonics, 90dB, 1m): <1.0%, 90Hz–100kHz; <0.5%, 120Hz–100kHz. Impedance: 8 ohms nominal. Recommended amplification: 50–200W into 8 ohms, unclipped program. Dimensions: 39.8″ (1020mm) H by 9.3″ (238mm) W by 13.7″ (351mm) D. Weight: 59.4 lbs (27kg). Price asking: 2.800 euros

VIENNA ACOUSTICS Beethoven Concert Grand (Cherry). This truly fantastic audiophile speaker for sale, price asking 3.000 euros.

ATMA-SPHERE MP-1 Music Preamplifier. The MP-1 Mk.3.1 is transformation in the world of preamplifiers. It completely outperforms all passive volume controls, transformer volume controls (TVCs) and conventional line stages. Atma-Sphere controls two patents which allow for a breakthrough in this area: no matter what type of preamplifier or volume control system you thought was the best in the past, the MP-1 an easily audible improvement: transformation. The patented output of the MP-1 is so gutsy that it works as a state of the art headphone power amplifier. Reviewed here: ATMA-SPHERE MP-1 Review. Never-seen before such low price for this 2-chasis tube preamplifier… Asking Price 5.000 euros !


….and many, many more offers from LYRE AUDIO Thessaloniki (shipping anywhere in the world).


From: Exclusive Audio (Athens,Greece)

Like-New in condition models from the world-famous Audio Research USA. Including model “CD-5” tubed highi-end cd-player [price asking 5.000 euros] and Audio Research Reference Preamplifiers [ask models & price].

Highest-End CD-Players (and very rare to find worldwide), like-new condition from Mimetism Audio ! Call or e-mail Exclusive Audio for prices.

Tsakiridis Devices model Odysseus Tube Preamplifier (custom edition) just for 700,- euros ! Also, from Tsakiridis Devices a set of Monoblocks and a pair of integrated amplifiers at truly unimaginable sale price ! Call or e-mail Exclusive Audio for prices.

Musical Fidelity powerhouse Integrated amplifier famous model A308 Dual Mono for sale. Price asking only 1400 euros. This is Musical Fidelity at its very, very bests ! More & very rare previous models also for sale, excellent in condition. Ask for prices: Exclusive Audio.


The ultimate high-end cables from Siltech , RCA & Speaker Cables Used (Like-New condition). Ask for models & price: Exclusive Audio.

The excellent ProAc UK speakers pair “Model 4” for Sale ! The ProAc Response 4 is a stunning, world-class performer in every regard. It is well deserving of a Class A recommendation and has become a cherished component of my reference system. I recommend that you do whatever it takes to hear this lovely loudspeaker. It deserves to be compared with any speaker at any price. – Stereophile magazine. Extremely Rare to Find in such condition. Ask price at Exclusive Audio.

….and more than 30 offers from Exclusive Audio, Athens (shipping anywhere in the world).

Call Exclusive Audio: +30 21 0671 0851

or visit / email web site:

(speakers, cd-players, turntables, high-end cabling, streamers, digital to analog converters etc.)

From: Heaven Audio

Audio Research USA model VS 110 for Sale ! A powerful world-class tube amplifier and a stunning performer, very rare to find in mint-condition like the model at Heaven Audio. Price asking only 2.400 euros ! Buy this jaw-dropping  power amplifier and you will be the happiest audiophile of the year ! Today, you can buy “brand-new” such a musical performer for over 9.000 euros.

A.S.R. Emitter I integrated amplifier, version Blue. Output Power: 2×140 W (8 Ohm) – 2x 250 (4 Ohm) – 2x 450 (2 Ohm). impressive as the ASR amp is, it still did not quite emotionally involve me in a musical performance the same way Shindo and Wavac gear does. This in no way means it’s not as incredible as I have said. It involves me emotionally better than any solid state gear I have ever used. The end result is reproduced sound that is extremely fast and dynamic. The sound of the Emitter I Exclusive is even more relaxing, smooth and homogenous than the Emitter I. Through its extreme high speed, the Emitter Exclusive authentically reproduces a three dimensional image in the listening room. Price asking: 3.990,- euros – Mint condition at Heaven Audio, Athens (Ilion).

Fyne’s Audio model F 502 speakers in piano black. Excellent Condition. Super-Price for this Demo pair, yours for only 1.250,- euros ! Contact Heaven Audio for details.

Esoteric Japan model DV 60 cd-player/sa-cd player/universal player and stunning as a transport, also. Unbelievable asking price from Heaven Audio: Only 1099,- euros !!!! (almost…mad!). Read the review of positive-feedback e-magazine here: Review Esoteric DV 60 model.

Vincent SP 332 (Black). Nominal Output Power per channel at 8Ω: 150 W .Nominal Output Power per channel at 4Ω: 250 W. Now, thats a bargain of power amplifier. X-Demo price asking: only 1.399,- euros from Heaven Audio !


Heaven Audio stocks 20+ mint in condition audiophile products on-sale (shipping anywhere in the world).

Call Heaven Audio: +30 2105066320

or visit / email web site:

From: Hiendnews Quality High-End Used Selections



Audio Note UK Meishu Custom Edition. This is one-of-a-kind Meishu: A model ordered directly from Audio Note UK (~1999) as a Ultra Signature Silver Model with Custom, Signature Phono-Stage. This Audio Note Meishu UK Integrated 300B amplifier is one-off model from Audio Note UK and pictures can be send via e-mail. Price Asking: 5.300 euros (Silver Signature with Phono, upscale edition order one of a kind). Contact email:

Audio Note JAPAN model Pure Silver Cable for Sale. model Kondo KSL-VzII – 1 meter Cable. Price asking for this ultra high-end cable: 1.350 euros. Contact email:

Audio Note UK model SOGON Pure Silver Cable for Sale. Price asking for this ultra high-end cable: 1.850 euros. Contact email:

Conrad-Johnson model MF 2200 power amplifier (solid-state). Fully recap of power capacitors (top-grade, brand new) made in 2022 plus fully upgrade from masterclass technical mr. Jonas Sakkis (Ιωνάς Σακκής) of Exclusive Audio in 2022 (Van den Hul inside cabling, total revision of every part of amplifier etc.). This gem of an amplifier perform heavenly, rates 200 watts per channel into 8 ohms and 380 into 4 ohms. If you are looking for a high-end, powerful amp that is very detailed and transparent then this amp should be on your short-list. The sound staging is very impressive. I compared this to my previous amp and never realized how much detail I was missing but the MF 2200 has detail popping out from all over the soundstage makes for a very involving listening experience. Price asking, excellent condition with upgrated AC power-cord and bi-wire output posts: 2.600 euros for such an excellent sounding amplifier. Contact Hiendnews: .

Metrum Acoustics famous for elite-sounding Non-Oversampling DACs flagship model “PAVANE” of 2019 at a brand-new condition. This reference-quality high-end Digital To Analog converter can be the heart & soul of a system as the digital source. So “truthful”, rich, transparent and sweet. It just paints 3-D musical pictures in front of you. Price asking for this Metrum “PAVANE” model (like-new) Silver edition: 3.150 euros. Contact: . Review from THE EAR e-magazine: Metrum PAVANE review

From: Studio HiFi Diapason

X-Demo & mint / like-new speakers model D-15 from Definitive Technology. Ultra-low asking price: 2.650 euros. Contact: Studio HiFi Diapason.

Used and excellent in condition REGA UK model P1 turntable with cartridge Carbon REGA. Price asking: 320 euros . Contact: Diapason HiFi Studio.

UNISON RESEARCH made in Italy super-model of tube integrated “PERFORMANCE” for Sale. Class-A 45 Watts per channel “magic”. Rare elegance and musical pleasure.In the twenty-five years Unison have been designing and building audio products, they have always listened to the concerns and comments of our customers worldwide. We realized that over time, those customer needs have changed. In response, we have given a different look to many of our products, and we’ve updated some of our most classic and beloved designs. X-Demo model, Like-New condition & Tubes. Asking price: 6.800 euros (retails 12.000 euros!). Contact: Diapason HiFi Studio.

Triangle made in France speakers model Elara LN-05 ( black ), X-Demo. Like-New condition, black edition. Price asking: Only 839,- euros ! Don’t miss this great bargain !

….and many more X-Demo offers from Diapason HiFi Studio, Dafni / Athens (shipping anywhere in the world).


or call  30 – 2109765076


More used, x-demo, on-sale audiophile products soon, only on

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