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Goldmund Mimesis 9 Amplifier – For Sale !

Goldmund is a Swiss manufacturer that produced highly sought after high end power amplifiers. The Mimesis 9 is considered to be one of the most legendary solid state power amplifiers that they produced. It originally retailed around $14,000. The Mimesis 9 with it Swiss craftsmanship is a true reference amplifier. The Mimesis 9 has deep bass, forward strong sounding mids and crystal clear highs. By design the output for this amp is transformer coupled for a balanced and defined sonic image. All of us agree at Decibel that this is one of the best sounding power amplifiers that we have ever heard. If this amp was produced today, it would retail most likely closer to $25,000. The Mimesis 9 is an unforgettable sounding amp and you will never be disappointed by its sound.

Mimesis 9 amplifier, perfect condition, for under 4.000 euros !

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