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Gibbon Super 8 loudspeakers – Great Sale Price


“Those who share John DeVore’s priorities will be richly rewarded. I would love to tell you that I am buying the review pair, and that we will be living happily ever after, but that is not to be. Nevertheless, I am so intrigued by the DeVore philosophy of putting the music first that I am going to seek out a pair of the Silverbacks and give serious consideration to those apes as my long-term musical partners. John Brazie”


“A Winner?
At the end of my time with the gibbon SUPER 8, I need only say that it represents a new benchmark. The Devore is a remarkably unfussy loudspeaker, it can be driven by just about any electronics and make them sound better than you thought they were, plus their modest size allows you have a listening and a living room at the same time. But it is also a wonderfully clear, detailed, open, near full-range loudspeaker. Seamless, coherent, organic, natural… with it in the system I found myself listening to music and not to the associated details of the sonic fabric. Within their admittedly large parameters they are without peer for anything less than double their price.  Not just recommended, but if you love music they are mandatory listening.”

A great offer from Golden Acoustics, DeVore Fidelity model Gibbon Super 8 speakers pair.

Only for 2000,- euros.

for audition and further details contact:


Address: Kimis Avenue 67 and Spirou Loui, Ηrakleio
Post Code 14235 Athens
Telephone: +302102921131
Fax +302102927489

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