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Clearaudio Smart Matrix Cleaning LP Machine – New for sale!

A freshly-cleaned vinyl record has so much more to offer: more information, more detail and better sound. That’s why audio experts advocate cleaning not only your latest flea market finds but also your brand new LPs fresh from the press.

Clearaudio’s smart matrix record cleaning machine combines scrupulous cleaning with oh-so-gentle handling of your precious vinyl collection. No more dust, dirt or chemical pressing residues. And, as its name suggests, this ‘vinyl whisperer’ comes with an exceptionally quiet operating mode. What’s more, in its new enhanced edition the smart matrix is smarter than ever, sporting a raft of intelligent upgrades.

  • The multi-functional cleaning arm deftly handles cleaning fluid application as well as suction, and is easily adjustable to any size of vinyl or shellac record.
  • To start the cleaning process, simply swing the arm into place. No need to even press a button.
  • Key components such as the motor, pump, cleaning fluid reservoir and waste fluid tank are now identical to those in our top-of-range ‘Professional’ model.
  • Selecting functions and features is more intuitive and effortless than ever, thanks to new high quality, tactile push buttons for all controls.
  • For ease of maintenance and transport the cleaning arm can be removed without the need for tools.
  • The smart matrix SILENT is now available in a choice of silver or black, and is supplied with a matching universal clamp designed to hold any size of vinyl or shellac record securely in place.

New condition, excellent sale price.

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