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High Interest
Expo VIP #2


Icon Audio FRM2 Super Black Edition Speakers Pair for Sale !

for further details contact:

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Tidal Speakers Model Piano Cerra – Ultra Sale !

for further details contact: Review: READ TIDAL PIANO CERRA REVIEW HERE

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Gibbon Super 8 loudspeakers – Great Sale Price

“Those who share John DeVore’s priorities will be richly rewarded. I would love to tell you that I am buying the review pair, and that we will be living happily ever after, but that is not to be. Nevertheless, I am so intrigued by the DeVore philosophy of putting the music first that I am going to seek out a ...

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Martin Logan SL3 speakers pair – Extreme Sale Price!

Extreme Sale Price for this pair of fantastic and excellent in condition Martin Logan SL3 speakers pair , model 2007. For 1.300,- euros, this pair of electrostatic classy speakers is yours ! A rare finding. Contact email: or for auditioning or more details. For more details & specs click here ! MKI version of Martin Logan SL speakers ...

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Wilson Watt/Puppy 6 Used – Fantastic Price/Condition !

  Review: Wilson W/P 6 review

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Chario Sonet S Speakers Pair – Sale Price


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Audio Spectrum Electra monitor speakers – Great Offer !

Α pair of Electra monitor speakers with stands from Audio Spectrum at mint-excellent condition only for 1.400,-€. For audition & more details contact: or . Excellent value for money and sonics.

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Fantastic Sale ! Only two brand new pairs of Analysis Audio ‘E’ speakers

Epsilon is able to inundate with music fairly large listening rooms. Easily driven, it is capable to reveal the virtues of any suitable amplifier. With its even tone balance and remarkable bass, it can reproduce faithfully the whole dimensions of the action of the musical event. [86 db / 4 ohm stable load] Only TWO brand new pairs of Analysis ...

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