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Magnepan 3.3 planar speakers Used – Extreme Sale Price

Magnepan 3.3 speakers – Excellent condition, slightly used from collector. Maybe the best used price in Europe for this pair of splendid Magnepan 3.3 speakers, for sale only for 1.400,-€ for further details contact e-mail:   Type: 3 way, 3 driver loudspeaker system Frequency Response: 34Hz to 40kHz Recommended Amplifier: 100 to 200W Crossover Frequency: 200, 1700Hz Impedance: 4Ω ...

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Acapella 5th Avenue II speakers for Sale !

Acapella 5th Avenue Mk2 speakers pair for sale. An audiophile gem, perfect condition. Price asking: only 3000 euros !! Mint condition. Contact email: Phone: +30 2310 818352 Thessaloniki

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QUAD ESL 2905 speakers pair – Great Sale Price !

This pair of QUAD ESL 2905 multi-awarded, Stereophile Class A speakers for sale. Perfect condition. Full Range Electrostatic Membrane : 0.5g/m2 Tensioned film Panel Elements : 8 Time Delay : Progressive concentric rings Chassis : Heavy duty composite aluminium / steel Maximum Power Output : 2 N/m2 at 2m on axis Sensitivity : 1.5u bar per volt referred to 1m ...

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Bang & Olufsen ‘B&O’ Beolab 3 mk2 speakers and stands for Sale !

A fantastic pair of B&O BeoLab 3 mk2 speakers for sale. Including the B&O stands. Price asking for this mint pair is 1850,-. Like-new condition. For further details contact:  

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Bang & Olufsen ‘B&O’ Beolab 8000 mk2 speakers for Sale !

A mint pair of B&O speakers model BeoLab 8000 MK2 with the B&O original stands. Asking price is 1850,-euros. For details contact:

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Magnepan .7 – For Sale !

For sale the excellent, a multi-awarded MAGNEPAN .7 planar speakers pair. Price: 1600 euros. Mint Condition. For details contact:

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SYSTEM AUDIO Ranger (White) – For Sale

Its message is difficult to miss. SA ranger is shaped like a discreet exclamation mark as a reminder of just how pleasurable it is to come home to top-class entertainment. SA ranger is for people who want to be inspired by top-class entertainment in their homes. When you close your door, shutting out the hectic outside world, SA ranger is ...

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AUDIO PHYSIC Luna II Subwoofer (Cherry) – X-Demo!

AUDIO PHYSIC Luna II Subwoofer (Cherry) great-great sale price, like new condition.     Price asking: only 1000 euros !! Perfect condition. Contact email: Phone: +30 2310 818352 Thessaloniki

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