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Goldmund Mimesis 7PH – Preamplifier – For Sale !

Goldmund Mimesis 7PH high-end Preamplifier. A class of its own. Great used price, flawless operation. Ask for price: Contact email:

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Tsakiridis Preamplifier ALEXANDER – For Sale!

Alexander is the top model of the preamplifier series of Tsakiridis – devices Very carefully designed and manufactured with high quality components, aims to meliorate your sound system. Alexander incorporates different (hand made) transformers for each voltage in the power supply and also a choke with the regulating capacitors. Care has been taken to eliminate magnetic interference with the electronic ...

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Thule PR 100 Preamplifier for Sale – Great Price !

The Thule Audio PR 100 preamplifier for sale – used. Ask for price: Contact email:

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Croft Micro 25 Line Tube Preamplifier – For Sale

The Micro 25 preamplifier is a full tube design and uses three 12AX7 (ECC 83) tubes, one for the linestage and two for the phono stage. Mint condition, excellent sale price. Ask for price: Contact email:

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ATMASPHERE MP-1 Music Preamplifier – Used for Sale !

Ultra rare to find used, The ATMASPHERE MP-1 Music Preamplifier for Sale ! Mint condition !   Price asking:  5000 euros !! Perfect, mint x-demo condition.   Contact email: Phone: +30 2310 818352 Thessaloniki

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VDH ARRAY A1-S1 – Pre & Power amplifier combo For Sale !

 The Van den Hul Preamplifier & Power amplifier – mint condition. Ask for price: Contact email:

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Canor Audio TP 10 Headphone Amplifier – For Sale !

New condition, excellent sale price. “Sometimes, hybrid solid state/valve designs can clash in their inherent philosophies or end up offering a wishy-washy aural mess but the design of the Canor TP-10 has proven to be the result of much thought and planning because this is one hybrid design that truly works. Because of the issues with the power supply and ...

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KORA Crescendo Reference Tube Preamp – For Sale !

The Kora Crescendo Reference preamplifier for sale ! Perfect condition. Specs: THD <0.05%, SNR> 100 dB Gain 20 dB asymmetric, symmetric 26 dB Double triode 12BH7 x 2. XTL Systems and CSC Connectivity 4 RCA inputs lines (100 k ohms / – 20 dB) 2 adjustable inputs balanced / unbalanced (100 k ohms / – 20 dB) 1 monitoring loop ...

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