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EMT JSD 5 Stereo Phono Cartridge – Super Sale !

    EMT JSD 5 Stereo Phono Cartridge Boron cantilever with Gyger S diamond, 5μ EMT‘s most authentic and musical Stereo Phono-Carts. With body made from and milled out of a massive block of special alu-minum, for the JSD Gold out of a massive block of high-grade, gold resp. Platinum plated alloy for the Platinum version. Gold plated system components ...

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Argento Flow Master Reference for Sale – Ultra Price !

For sale one of the best speaker cables ever made. Very rare to find for sale. Argento Flow Master Reference speakers – 3m. pair. In absolutely excellent  condition with its leather cases and authenticity documents. At a bargain price of 9.400,- euros. (new is > 25,000 euros ) for further details contact e-mail:      

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Heaven Audio Orpheus – Great New Year’s Offers !

Μείνετε ενημερωμένοι για τις καλύτερες προσφορές σε ήχο από την Heaven Audio & το e-shop της !    

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Extreme High-End Used Offers from LyRe Audio !

Audio Physic Cardeas PLUS speakers (Walnut) for sale. Gorgeous flagship speakers pair, mint condition. Type: 4 way, 6 driver loudspeaker system Frequency Response: 25Hz to 40kHz Recommended Amplifier: 40 to 350W Sensitivity: 89dB Bass Radiator: 1 x 260mm cone Bass: 1 x 260mm cone Midbass: 2 x 150mm cones Midrange: 1 x 150mm cone Tweeter: 1 x 39mm cone Finish: ...

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Clearaudio Champion Level II plus Unify Tonearm – For Sale !

“All in all, I’d have to view the Champion/Unify in the context of other high-end, high mass audiophile turntable/unipivot arms I’ve spent time with or sold in the retail world. Sonically, the table was excellent with superb and transparent rendition of timbre and precise positioning within and delineation of the soundfield, and was without the usual plodding rhythmic aspect that ...

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Magnepan 3.3 planar speakers Used – Extreme Sale Price

Magnepan 3.3 speakers – Excellent condition, slightly used from collector. Maybe the best used price in Europe for this pair of splendid Magnepan 3.3 speakers, for sale only for 1.400,-€ for further details contact e-mail:   Type: 3 way, 3 driver loudspeaker system Frequency Response: 34Hz to 40kHz Recommended Amplifier: 100 to 200W Crossover Frequency: 200, 1700Hz Impedance: 4Ω ...

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Pass Labs XA 60.8 class A monoblock amplifier – For Sale !

The gorgeous high-end Pass Labs XA 60.8 fully Class-A power amplifiers (monoblocks, pair) for sale. Price asking 8.800-€. Condition: Excellent – Like New. Contact Seller: email:  

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LyRe Audio, Heaven Audio & Orpheus Audio Group: Great, Used or x-Demo High-End Offers !

Προσφέροντας Χρυσές High-End Audio ευκαιρίες, η Orpheus Audio και τα καταστήματα διανομής της σε όλη την Ελλάδα διαθέτουν έναν τεράστιο ηχητικό θησαυρό από κομμάτια τρέχοντα ή προηγούμενων ετών, σε τιμές άπιαστες. Τα μοναδικά κομμάτια αυτά είναι στην πλειονότητα τους x-demo (επίδειξης) σε πολύ καλή / άριστη κατάσταση, ελεγμένα από τεχνικούς της αντιπροσωπείας. Αν αναζητείτε ήχο κορυφής …σε χαμηλές τιμές, ανατρέξετε ...

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