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Goldmund Cables For Sale !

High-End Goldmund Cables , 2.5m Power Cable and 2m pair ‘linear’ interconnect RCA at fantastic prices ! X-Demo . Ask for price: Contact email:

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Goldmund Mimesis 9 Amplifier – For Sale !

Goldmund is a Swiss manufacturer that produced highly sought after high end power amplifiers. The Mimesis 9 is considered to be one of the most legendary solid state power amplifiers that they produced. It originally retailed around $14,000. The Mimesis 9 with it Swiss craftsmanship is a true reference amplifier. The Mimesis 9 has deep bass, forward strong sounding mids ...

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Great on-sale (used or x-demo) offers from Orpheus Audio partners!

Μια μεγάλη και ανανεωμένη λίστα κορυφαίων high-end & high fidelity audio προτάσεων βρίσκεται στους ιστότοπους των Heaven Audio & LyRe Audio Showrooms. Επωφεληθείτε από τις σπάνιες προσφορές και ευκαιρίες! Για τις τρέχουσες προσφορές σε προϊόντα επίδειξης ή second-hand: For all the todays offers, click here:

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Canor Audio TP 10 Headphone Amplifier – For Sale !

New condition, excellent sale price. “Sometimes, hybrid solid state/valve designs can clash in their inherent philosophies or end up offering a wishy-washy aural mess but the design of the Canor TP-10 has proven to be the result of much thought and planning because this is one hybrid design that truly works. Because of the issues with the power supply and ...

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Yamaha CA 600 amplifier – For Sale !

Yamaha CA 600 integrated amplifier   Ask for price: Contact email:

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VPI LP Cleaning Machine – Used for Sale !

VPI LP Washing machine – Mint condition, excellent sale price. Ask for price: Contact email:

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Thule PA250B Power Amplifier – For Sale

Power output: 250 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo), 100 watts per channel into 8Ω (5 channels) Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz Total harmonic distortion: 0.005% Input sensitivity: 1V Signal to noise ratio: 112dB Speaker load impedance: 4Ω to 8Ω Dimensions: 420 x 120 x 375mm Weight: 21kg Year: 1999   Great Condition condition, excellent sale price. Ask for price: ...

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Yba Heritage A100 Integrated – For Sale!

The A100 from YBA shows a great maturity and will combine with ease with many types of source products and loudspeakers. as its power seems without limits. Its flexibility is equal only to that of its musicality and it becomes an essential choice for all those who seek above all, an amplifier combining refinement sound and speed. 100W @ 8 ...

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