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MIT Z Center Power Conditioner – Sale Price !

A very special offer, for just 500 euros this slightly used power filter from the state of the art MIT company. MIT (USA) Z-Center The Z-center is a comprehensive power-line treatment system in a single unit. It’s really three conditioners in one box. you can power both your amp and digital gear from this unit without the digital gear feeding ...

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NAIM Mu-so 2nd Generation (Black) – For Sale !

NAIM’s Mu-So 2nd Generation, mint condition, for Sale !   Price asking: only 1499 euros !! Perfect condition. Contact email: Phone: +30 2310 818352 Thessaloniki

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NAIM AUDIO FlatCap XS – Used

Designed to complement our XS range, the FlatCap XS is a dual-rail, dual-output power supply that powers not just one, but two Naim Audio components if required. For example, an XS Series owner could add a FlatCap XS to enhance the performance of both a CD5 XS and a NAC 152 XS, and so enjoy all the improvements to clarity, ...

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NAIM Mu-so Qb (Black) – X-Demo for Sale !

01.UPnP™ (Universal Plug ‘n’ Play) 02.AirPlay 03.Bluetooth 04.Internet Radio 05.Spotify Connect 06.TIDAL 07. USB 08. Multiroom Ready 09.3.5mm Analogue Input 10. Digital Input (Optical) 11.Alarm Clock !!! All this on a pack to enjoy music everywhere !   Price asking: only 780 euros !! Perfect condition. Contact email: Phone: +30 2310 818352 Thessaloniki

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CLEARAUDIO Synchro Speed Controller – X-Demo !

By especially designing the Syncro for use with any turntable’s synchronous motor drive unit we were able to reduce the power requirements whilst still providing all the features of the APG (Accurate Power Generator).   Price asking: only 550 euros !! Perfect, mint x-demo condition.   Contact email: Phone: +30 2310 818352 Thessaloniki

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FINAL Piano Forte IX – Demo Headphones !

Faithfully reflects source sounds, and conveys the atmosphere of a live concert with overwhelming reality. Piano Forte IX archived to produce space expression which bring atmosphere of live hall and a sense of reality of concert hall which is difficult to be produced by conventional earphones. Piano Forte _ has a stainless body with a mirror-polished finish. Its classy look ...

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Clearaudio Matrix LP – Used !

Cleaning and maintaining your irreplaceable record collection is a must. The Matrix is the long-term solution. From our research, we have built from the ground up a record cleaning machine using the highest quality parts. This insures that the Matrix is very quiet, effective and extremely durable. The record cleaning brush is user adjustable. Cleaning fluid application is accomplished with ...

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Naim XPS DR, Used for Sale !

Upgrade your music source. The XPS is a simple and effective upgrade to enhance the music-making ability of your Naim Audio source component. As one of our most flexible performers it can be used to upgrade our CDX2 CD player and DAC digital to analogue converter, and it is also suitable for use with our NDS, NDX and ND5 XS network players and HDXhard-disk player/server. Its large toroidal transformer features ...

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