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Cambridge Audio Azur 851A amplifier – For Sale !

The 851 possesses incredible power, finesse and astonishingly low distortion. In its design we assessed every component for sonic excellence and revised, reviewed and optimised the signal path for minimal distortion. Thousands of hours were spent testing and tweaking, the result is an amplifier we’re incredibly proud of.

“A muscular amp that grips the speakers and serves up tight, powerful and extended bass…. cutting-edge technology for substantially less than high-end prices.”

Specifications Audio inputs: 2 balanced (XLR); 8 unbalanced, line level (RCA). Audio outputs: Preamp, Record. Tone control (shelving type): maximum bass boost/cut, ±10dB at 10Hz; maximum treble boost/cut, ±7.5dB at 20kHz. Power output: 120W into 8 ohms (20.8dBW), 200W into 4 ohms (20dBW). THD (unweighted at 80% of rated power): <0.001%, 1kHz; <0.01%, 20Hz–20kHz. Frequency response: 10Hz–50kHz, ±1dB. Signal/noise: >93dB, ref. 1W/8 ohms. Input impedance: Inputs 1 and 2 (balanced), 20k ohms. Inputs 1–7 (unbalanced), 20k ohms; Record, 20k ohms. Power amp damping factor: >110 at 1kHz. Power consumption: 800W maximum, 70W minimum (active, no signal), <0.5W (standby).


Price asking: only 1050 euros !! Perfect condition.

Contact email:

Phone: +30 2310 818352 Thessaloniki

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Golden Schiit VIP 2020

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