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Best of Show Axpona 2023: Zesto Audio Eros 500 Monoblock Amplifiers !

H Zesto Audio κερδίζει την υψηλότερη εκτίμηση στο Axpona (Audio Expo North America) Show 2023 ! Στο τριήμερο high-end audio event, ο εξαιρετικός κατασκευαστής που εμπιστεύεται για τον ήχο του αποκλειστικά τις λαμπάτες σχεδιάσεις & υλοποιήσεις, βραβεύτηκε με τον τιμητικό τίτλο Best New 2023 Axpona Product όσον αφορά το νέο μοντέλο τελικών ενισχυτών (με KT150 λυχνίες) Zesto Audio “Eros 500 Monoblock Amplifiers”. Αυτό σημαίνει για όσους γνωρίζουν, πάρα πολλά. Ανάμεσα στα 200+ δωμάτια εκθετών, η Zesto Audio συγκλόνισε τόσο τους ακροατές όσο και τους δημοσιογράφους, αποσπώντας αυτή την πολυπόθητη διάκριση. Γνωρίστε, μα και το κυριότερο ακούστε αναλυτικά όλα τα μοντέλα της Zesto Audio στην αντιπροσωπεία Element Audio.

“The Zesto Audio Eros 500 Select Class A monoblocks are a totally unique offering in today’s high-end marketplace. Their topology in my estimation is a design that has never been done successfully before now. ARC has always stayed away from Class A designs, and never hesitated to add negative feedback. Jadis uses Class A, but runs the tubes in triode yielding only half the power. The Eros 500 monoblocks are unique and new, and I have not even mentioned the Selector that allows the user to dial in four current tube types making the Eros future-proof. The Eros 500s are the most neutral, realistic, and natural-sounding amplifiers that have graced my home in this century. They get out of the way of the musical flow and just exists. With 250 Watts of Class A power at the ready, they sound like 500 Watt amps. Weighing in at just 79 pounds each, they will not take over your studio space or heat up the house. The lights dimmed just a bit with turn-on but then ran perfectly on a 15-Ampere circuit. Over the entire review period, they performed exquisitely without quibbles. The fit and finish of these amplifiers are exceptional and the design elements all contribute to user satisfaction. They only left off the fancy lights and colorful meters, which I guarantee you are not free.” – e-magazine

Eros 500 Select Key Features 

A sextet of KT150 output tubes creates 250 Watts of Class A musical power. Class A power is fast for a more lively, immediate response to your music.The Bias Select switch is engineered with 3 perfect auto bias settings for KT88, KT120, KT150, and KT170 output tubes.The Bias Select switch is safe and easy to use; one can change bias “on the fly” so you can hear the differences. 4 Ohm and 8 Ohm taps give you options for your speaker preference. 4 Ohm may give you more bass; the 8 Ohm tap may sound more open.The optimized frequency response provides the best musical range to benefit the natural harmonic structure of the instruments. The SpeakOn cable connector provides the most reliable hookup for your subwoofer.Transformer balanced true differential XLR input offers noise canceling and rejection, as well as providing ground isolation from your preamp.Should you need to eliminate a hum? The Eros 500 has an XLR ground switch installed for your safety. This eliminates the dangerous temptation to lift the ground from the mains.The combo Push-Pull and Ultra Linear circuit design provide lower distortion, more power, and better performance out of your tubes.No Negative Feedback in the circuit design provides better dynamic range, because it doesn’t compress the music.Non-inverting polarity retains the same phase as the input (so that your trumpets blow and don’t suck).A large Custom Toroid power transformer provides plenty of available power.Toroids have lower noise because they concentrate the magnetic field and are very efficient in the 50 to 60Hz mains range.Choice of high-quality gold plated Single-Ended RCA or Balanced XLR connectors to suit your needs or cable preferences.Gold pin sockets are more reliable because gold doesn’t oxidize when it cycles with the heat.An extensive grounding scheme is designed into the power supply, wiring, and all tube circuitry.Elegantly designed, heavy-duty 14- & 16-gauge zinc-plated, fully grounded steel enclosure isolate external noise and vibration.All fuses are easily accessible.It’s ready to enjoy, since it arrives with 50 hours of factory burn-in. Each unit is hand built and “Made in the USA.”

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