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ΗΧΟΕΠΙΛΟΓΗ 2023 – Selected X-Demo & Used High-End Audio Offers !

Η εταιρεία ήχου υψηλής πιστότητας ΗΧΟΕΠΙΛΟΓΗ σας παρουσιάζει την ανανεωμένη 2023

λίστα προσφορών x-demo & second hand προτάσεων.

Όλες οι συσκευές βρίσκονται στην έδρα της προς ακρόαση και εκτίμηση.

Official Web Site

Audio Physic Virgo 25 Plus Speakers for Sale. Like-new in condition with original boxes. Price asking only 5.000 euros for this floorstanding pair ! Contact email:

The legendary Mark Levinson model 390S CD-Player mint condition , second hand, original boxes included. Price Asking only 3.500 euros. Contact email:

Another legendary Mark Levinson preamplifier model 380S excellent condition for sale. Price Asking only 3.500 euros with original boxes. Contact email:

Model 380S legendary Mark Levinson preamplifier in excellent condition for sale, used without boxes. Price Asking only 3.000 euros without boxes. Contact email:

The stunning Mark Levinson model No. 532 power amplifier , like-new condition for sale. With original boxes. Price asking for this high-end powerhouse 8.000 euros. Contact email:

A pair of reference-level Revel classic highest-end speakers model “Studio One” excellent in condition for sale. Price asking with original boxes only 6.000 euros. Contact email:

Krell power amplifier monoblocks model “350 monos” (pair). The total solution for driving any kind of speakers load. Including original boxes. Excellent in condition. Price asking for this gorgeous high-end amplification pair only 5.500 euros ! Don’t miss this tremendous offer ! Contact email:

Copland model CTA405 tube integrated amplifier. Mint condition with original boxes and KT120 Tung-Sol output tubes. Super-Sale Price only 2.000 euros ! Contact email:

Esoteric Japan K01 digital source / cd-player. This mint unit comes with original boxes. Price asking 7.200 euros. Contact email:

Canary Audio USA model M600 monoblock power amplification with four 300B tubes per channel (condition mint/excellent) …..


… Canary Audio four-chassis model C3000 tube high-end preamplification (mint condition) as a pair with the M600 power amplification monoblocks offered at the unbelievable low price of 20.000 euros (total pack of power monoblocks M600 + preamplifier C3000) with original boxes. [retails brand new over 40.000 euros]

Roksan K3 DAC (digital to analog converter) for sale, with original boxes. Excellent condition, price asking only 1.000 euros. Contact email:

Balanced Audio Technologies (B.A.T. Audio) tube high-end preamplifier model VK3iX for sale. Original boxes – like new condition. Price asking only 2.000 euros ! Contact email:

Balanced Audio Technologies (B.A.T. Audio) solid-state high-end amplifier model BK 600 for sale. Original boxes – like new condition. Price asking only 4.000 euros ! Contact email:

One more super-offer from Copland brand. This second-hand audiophile integrated hybrid amplifier model CSA28 for sale with original boxes. Mint condition. Price asking only 1.300 euros ! Contact email:

more second-hand & x-demo high end audio offers soon…

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