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ΗΧΟΕΠΙΛΟΓΗ 2023 – Selected X-Demo & Used High-End Audio Offers ! [Part Two]

Η εταιρεία ήχου υψηλής πιστότητας ΗΧΟΕΠΙΛΟΓΗ σας παρουσιάζει την ανανεωμένη 2023

λίστα προσφορών x-demo & second hand προτάσεων.

Όλες οι συσκευές βρίσκονται στην έδρα της προς ακρόαση και εκτίμηση.

PART TWO of X-Demos/Second Hand List February – March 2023


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The epitome of ultra high-end audio preamplifier and power amplification monoblocks by Halcro DM68 monos & DM 8 Pre. For sale in excellent condition plus original boxes. Price asking for this gorgeous set of preamplifier & monoblock amplifiers only 15.000 € ! Contact email:

Read e-magazine Halcro Review here:

Synergistic Research AC-Power cords X-Series 1.5m each, like-new condition, price asking only 200 euros each. Contact email:

Synergistic Research X-Series RCA, like-new condition, price asking only 400 euros – ask for available 1m pairs. Contact email:

B & W speakers model CM7 for just 700 euros ! A rare offer . Contact email:

BLADELIUS model “Ask” Integrated Ask Integrated. What an offer from Ihoepilogi ! Price asking only 2.800 euros ! Ask Integrated, our brand new integrated amplifier with streaming capabilities that we have designed with all the experience we have had with our flagship model Oden. Many of the design features of Ask, apart from it´s looks is directly taken from Oden, like the power amp gain section and the multi stage linear ultra low noise regulation. In it´s more compact format it is truly pact with everything we could think of without compromising on quality, since it sound wise is close to Oden but with a bit less power. From it´s 2kva toroidol transformer and massive capacitor bank the amplifier output is 2×220 Watts at 8 ohm, which makes it capable of handling the most demanding speakers on the market with ease. The DAC of Ask has an outstanding signal to noise ratio of more than 134dB which is significant and shows how extremely capable this integrated amplifier is together with it´s streaming capabilities. As a streamer, it handles most formats such as DSD1024, MQA* and streams files up to 32 bit, 728khz and has Tidal connect, Spotify connect, Qobuz and Roon. This is all managed through a new web based app (it can also be controlled through the Tidal app) which means it can be controlled through whatever device you desire. This allows for fast and easy updates from our part and is more accessible for the user who can focus on the music. Power Output: 2×220 W @ 8 Ohm / 2×400 W @ 4 Ohm. Dont miss this extreme offer in excellent condition with boxes ! Contact email:

PS-Audio world-reference AC Power filter model “Powerplant” for European Schuko (220-240V). Three pieces available for 500 euros each, all in mint-condition ! A rare offer ! Contact email:

Ανδρέα Παπανδρέου 79 Χαλάνδρι 152 32

210 6850007


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