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Through Music & Mind


by Tony Pothitos


To all drug users in the world. I have found what will give you a high, without needles, without the cost, and without the danger to your health.

musictony1I have just discovered the solution to your needs for the insatiable highs. The total feast of freedom of the soul and the unleashing of the unbearable world we live in will not matter from now on, for there is a way out, other than what you knew in life.

When the chambers of the soul commit to darkness, the depression falls like rain and the mind stops to work because of self-preservation, you know only one thing can get you away from it all. The total escape, the total irrelevancy towards the irrational drowning of what we see on television, what you never had or never will again matters not.

The only thing that matters is the high. It is the fix that can cure even what the almighty God cannot through prayers and faith.

Tonight, my fellow drug addicts, I heard the power of the universe, the strength of God, but not as himself, but through what he has created and we have abused. Through music.

I have searched for years to hear the live experience. I have lived it, only in live performances, where the high you get is beyond what any adrenaline or serotonin levels may take you, where you wake up after every piece of music you hear, realizing it was not a dream. You are alive and it was a real experience. No doubt about it.


Did it have its negatives you may ask? Sure, it did, the heater on the wall was heard when the double bass was played, and the soundstage was non-existent. But then again when you are in the front row of a real concert it doesn’t either!

That should say it all.





*I will not state the system I heard, but simply wanted to explain what drugs and music have in common.




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