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Reformatting Your (Audiophile) Brain, by Tony Pothitos !

Chameleon Audio Exclusive Audio Videorythmos   Golden Acoustics   ΗΧΟΔΟΜΗ Reformatting Your Brain! a subjective look at what my experience has taught me about external speaker design by Tony Pothitos   We have some great speaker designers out there. Sigma Acoustics for one with the Orchestra series, Soulsonic with his Hologram X, and other larger producers which have tried to, ...

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Through music & mind . [English Version]

    Through Music & Mind   To all drug users in the world. I have found what will give you a high, without needles, without the cost, and without the danger to your health. I have just discovered the solution to your needs for the insatiable highs. The total feast of freedom of the soul and the unleashing of ...

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Theory of Sex & Music [English Version]

        The Theory of Sex & Music     The theory of music and sex is old (although not documented as much as it should be). Most people think that some forms of music are created as to bring out the animal instinct in us, thus want to commit to the act. Driving oneself into a frenzy ...

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Meet our new writer / partner: Tony Pothitos [English Section]

Tony Pothitos is our new partner for the English section of the site, he has a history of ideas and articles which would fill a book that would make the bible look thin. He is truly insane.     Tony’s job is to midwife long gone emotions, stitch them up in a new suit of flesh and offer them to ...

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