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Sound & Vision Show 2020, Athens – Part Three









Chameleon Audio was demoing its products in two rooms! This Greek distributor is constantly growing. For the first time in Athens show, brands like Fezz Audio, SoTM & Holo Digitals, Canary Audio, Canor Audio entered (or for some re-entered, after decades) the Greek audiophiles territory. What a debut! A crowded room during both days of the show, from 10am to 8pm. without a single spare seat.

In more detail: The Canary Audio M350 300B monoblocks are nothing short of a musical treasure. They represent a nearly perfect bridge between the famous triode sound of the “queen” of tubes (300B) utilized as single ended and at the same time they can drive difficult loads with power and authority. They are able to fill the listening room with 50 watts of pure magical Class A triode watts. The preamplification choice was also from Canary audio, the C1800 newest edition two chassis Preamplifier and the MC10 phono stage (also in two chassis), as well as Origin Live and Reed turntables. A closer approach to the real thing and a mandatory match for all 88db and over 4-8-16Ω electrodynamic classic speakers seeking the best of both tube worlds. Digital Sources were the Holo Audio Lvl 2 Kitsune Edition Spring model and SoTM SMS200 Ultra & Switch. Cabling from the multi-awarded TelluriumQ Silver Diamond & Statement models.Speakers selection: The AudioSolution Virtuoso M model in white (also in black on the same hall!) Turntables on rotation: Origin Live Resolution with the upgraded platter, Illustrius tonearm and Phasemation 500 cartridge also for the first time auditioned here. Not forget to mention the real talented performer,  Reed 1C turntable with the 5T tonearm equipped with Phasemation 2000 cartridge.Into their room, almost every attendee was respectful during demos and refrained from the tendency to carry on private conversations. A sonic success in every way. Also, huge impact to the sound, the Mega Acoustics room treatment and panels.

The USA made Canary Audio brand.

Music, music, music. Vinyls & Digital Files ! The Audiophile’s food for thoughts !

Origin Live Calypso for the first time at Sound & Vision Show. Zephyr tonearm and Shelter 301 cartridge reading LPs.

Reed Muse 1C as the main analog performer of the Chameleon’s Suite.

Holo Audio Level Two Spring Kitsune edition Digital To Analog converter, the debut of a giant killer in this room . As Stereophile magazine mentioned about Holo’s addiction: “Its sense of undistorted, I-am-there truthfulness let me relax and enjoy my CDs, and DSD and other hi-rez files, with renewed faith in digital sound.”

On static display the Audio Hungary class A integrateds, that first introduced by Chameleon Audio, two years ago. As far as I know, they captured the heart of many Greek tube lovers seeking a great tube integrated. Highly recommended and also reviewed on

So here it is ! Canor Audio re-appeared after some years on the Greek high-end market. This beautiful sounding brand new model 1.10 KT88-tube based integrated is under review on and we had the joy to interview the designer, mr.Igor who came for the first time in Athens to visit us and the hes2020 show. The amplifier model Canor 1.10 is a pleasure for ears, it retails for about 6.000 euros and operates in triode Class A or ultralinear mode. Sonics rivals many pre-power separates. Marvelous for us who auditioned this model for the upcoming review.

On the smaller room a great value from money suggestion from Chameleon: AudioSolutions Figaro S speakers driven by Fezz Titania tube integrated (below), Origin live calypso turntable with Zephyr tonearm and Shelter 301 cartridge, Fezz’s brand new Gratia MM/MC phono stage, and from SoTM digitals the SMS200Ulta SPH 100 DACs. First appearance for Fezz, Origin and SotM. Also, a smaller brother of Titania Integrated recently reviewed on The Titania retained the smaller model’s speed, transparency, harmonic accuracy, and illuminated-from-within quality, but added improved soundstage dimensionality, bass and dynamics. Origin mated with Shelter 301 brings the analog magic to the audience.

Fezz Titania integrated Athens debut. 2 x 45 W power rating with KTxx family tubes.

Metrum Non-oversampling DACs and HiFiMan headphones & headphone amplification are always highlighted by Chameleon.

A classic is always a classic ! So we welcome once again the legendary Lamm Audio amplification and preamplification paired with the Eufrodite speakers by Horning Hybrid. Beloved, rare and truthful.

The main event of MF Audio distribution: Lamm Industries L2.1 Reference preamplifier driving the Lamm’s ML2.2 monoblocks with the 6C33 tubes (a resident set for MF Audio presentations at shows), the gorgeous sounding Digital to Analog -tubed- and turntable with EMT cartridge from Horning, cabling from well-known, top-flight Audio Nirvana and last but not least the Eufrodite speakers from Horning, too. Amplifiers sitting on SRA (Silent Running Audio bases). This system brings all the drama and rare tonal colors of classical music great recordings in the room, easily.

Lamm ML2.2 legendary monoblock power amplifier. MF Audio’s in love with this pair for decades. As Stereophile magazine wrote back in 2013: “Apart from costing more than the average person can spend, the Lamm ML2.2 is a failure in only one regard: It is completely useless for background music. Every note it played in my home became unignorable. An extraordinary product, and one that all of you should endeavor to hear. “

Thoress legendary phono stage and Horning SATI reference as the analog “Sorcerer” here. Some words about the new SATI turntable from the designers: a. No other turntable in the world has so precise pitch. b. so precise rendering ground tones and overtones. c. No other turntable has so realistic rendering of deep bass notes. d. comparing master reel to reel analog recordings and the same recording on Vinyl is a fantastic experience, The Sati turntable is dam close to the original first takes of the tape recording. e. Direct to dish vinyl is fantastic.

Thoress Phono Stage.

SATI tubed digital to analog converter from Horning.

And here it comes the King of Analog FM Tuners ! Yes, the Magnum Dynalab is still the king of them all !

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