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Sound & Vision Show 2020, Athens – Part Seven








Exclusive Audio Co. is one of the very first high end audio distributors in Greece. I remember them from mid-late 80s introducing many glorious brands, among them Van Den Hul cartridges & cables, Musical Fidelity, ProAc speakers, Tim de Paravicini EAR Yoshino etc. In our days, at Sound & Vision Show, mr. Ionas Sakkis, the maestro behind Exclusive Audio and also a very experienced and inspired tube-amplification builder, decides to present a delightful system based on ProAc UK speakers, the model K6 from K-Range (Kevlar) and Musical Fidelity amplification.

The amplifier was the Musical Fidelity’s Nu-Vista 600 integrated utilizing the all time favorites nu-vistor miniature tubes in the mainly solid-state design and gives a comfortable 200 watts per channel at 8Ω. More than enough. Exclusive audio used both Analog and Digital sources. In their showrooms we auditioned the E.A.T. turntable model Forte S with the Van Den Hul hand-made moving coil cartridge model Crimson XGW Stradivarius Signature (includes gold coils of 24 karat) and newest Nu-Vista model Vinyl phono stage. Digital-side Exclusive Audio’s selection was the sonic aura of Metronome Technologies CD 8 TS and Le-Dac. Ideon also included their Master Time external clock-processor along with a specialty file server from MusiChi.

We already know the majesty of sound realism Metronome digital sources bring to the systems, so close to the analog-playback, we were even more cheerful to enjoy analog at very high standards: VDH Crimson Stradivarius Signature on European Audio Team’s turntable Forte S reaching new heights. We could draw into the music on a suite like this, almost feeling the whisperingly shifts in microdynamics despite the always full-room of audiophiles . Both from digital and analog selections of music. As for the integrated Nu-Vista 600 the amplification here sound was akin to the cliché “iron fist in a silk glove”. Detailed, agile with a diverse character, being able to serve every music genre it was reproducing. For sure, one of the top-tier showrooms at the Show. Not to forget to mention Van Den Hul cables, always preserving the balance between natural smoothness, speed and transparency.

Exclusive Audio carried also various samples from brands like Oyaide Japan, E.A.R. Yoshino, Nagaoka, Musical Fidelity amps and sources, E.A.T. on their second room. Its also the distributor of the grande Swiss-made Goldmund, Fuuga, Revox, Kalista Audio etc. well-known brands.

ProAc Tablette 10 signature, no sign of times ! Still a soundstage champ at its size.

E.A.T. E GLO S tubed phono-stage. Read our review on for evaluation ->

For those seeking the absolute value for money, one sure direction and purchase is the various LX(2) and V series of Musical Fidelity. These lines of products are truly audiophile little gems and high vfm, asking no more than 150-300 euros for the most of them.

Same at Nagaoka’s cartridge moving magnet territory. So hard to beat …on the beat, but also on classical/jazz/rock pressings.

A (not so well hidden) treasure is the E.A.T. Jo no.5 cartridge that retails at around 900 euros and is made to seduce you. Please, reserve a rendezvous for serious auditioning if you are not willing to spend much more for your vinyl-rig performance.

Panasonic higher end televisions on Show: models 55-inch GZ950 (a lower cost-for-size OLED of the line)  (~3.000 euros) and 55-inch GZ2000 (~4.000 euros). Could well be two of the very best current TVs ? Probably, after a closer look. These models offer incredible sound performance and picture to die for. An eye & ear opener + all the extras you asked for.

This vintage-’80s looking sound system made by Panasonic, retails only 750 euros (!) and complies with the Big Picture without breaking a bank for the audio gear.

Dolby Vision and HDR10+ Dolby Atmos support

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