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Sound & Vision Show 2020, Athens – Part Four







AUDIO VISUAL S.A. ! A great re-start for a company that had a key-role in high end audio in previous decades, Audio Visual after a long period ‘on hold’ and even greater joy to see the direction under the expertise of mr. Nick Mendrinos. Since I know mr. Mendrinos well enough, it felt like home when I sat down in Audio Visual show room to learn more about the new partnership. He said, “Here is a fresh start, with Magico, Audio Note UK, Monitor Audio, Rogers and many more brands that will be announced later this year !”

Magico’s speakers are exceptional in many ways, but also very expensive. The company scaled down the Crème de la Crème of their tuneful experience dor their new S3 three-way floorstanding speaker. At the price range of 14k-20k this is one of the few high end speakers with such fluidity, transparency and responsiveness. Magico has invested several million dollars in research to maximize the sound of every speaker model they produce. After the magic touch of mr. Nick Mendrinos, signing the final sound and musical soul of this presentation, the system was leaning towards a warm, not over-analytical but soulful reproduction. The Magicos were accompanied by Jadis tube preamplifier and Dan D’Agostino classic line power amplifier with Esoteric digital source and Cardas cables plus the new Cardas power distribution. Splendid match !

The Monitor Audio Gold 300 was also in the room, a gold suggestion for those seeking a full range floorstanding at the range of 5k euros. On static display were also Monitor’s Audio 300 & 100 speakers from Silver Line.

Jadis is a hugely accepted company producing mostly elite tube amplifiers and had a sound signature and ability in presenting recordings with the last drop of drama, truthful tonal saturation and lushness. The French preamplifier model JP-1 mated with Dan D’Agostino classic previous line power amplification like hazelnut cream and peanutbutter (try it if you haven’t already!).. Looking forward to listen to all the new stuff from both companies soon!

Audio Note UK also always in love with Audio Visual company/distribution! The famous tube amplification lead designer Andy Grove (brand’s creativity and inspiration) is still leading the company and we are expecting more thrilling models from AN-UK. Audio Note clearly knows how to seduce with its own classics. No exception here, with the old, lushy, beautiful line of integrated amplifiers as well as the latest version of OTO model (that also comes in many variations: OTO Line SE Silver Signature,OTO Phono SE,OTO Phono SE Signature,OTO Phono SE Silver Signature). Maximum power is only 10 watts from a pair of EL84 tubes in Class A operation with a ‘spelling magic’ wall of sound, when paired with sensitive , high impedance speakers.

Metaxas & Sins for the first time in Hxos & Eikona [Sound & Vision] 2020 ! Our own mr. Kostas Metaxas debuted in Athens his new creation, the reel to reel TRX player / recorder. Thats good news for our Show !

Metaxas & Sins TRX R2R analog tape source paired with his own amplifier and performing via a small 2-way British school monitor LS5/9, created such a huge and realistic soundstage that the best turntables/phono-stages only dreamed of. Its really, really the source-to-die-for if you can afford the cost and also the extra high price of some great tape recordings . It’s the only one R2R currently made with surgical precision, that you can adjust almost any parameter on. So good, almost unbelievable.

Also for deep pockets, Metaxas & Sins stylish turntable mostly on static display.

Amplification Ikarus integrated and headphone’s amplifier designed by mr. Metaxas. A class of its own.

Graham’s Audio BBC LS 5/9. This model constantly on Nexus Acoustics showrooms.

GoldNote’s IS1000 integrated, the Italian all-in-one maestroso, powerful (125W @8Ω), awarded. Phono stage, DAC, Streamer included. Need more ?

Mr. Haitas (designer, owner and heart & soul of Nexus Acoustics) New tubed RD-500 DAC (~8000 euros), with 2A3 output tubes. Auditioning via Bosendorfer Audio speakers from Vienna and various amplifiers, the harmonic structure of every note in classical music and finesse were always spot-on. Bold and organic nature of this (reminisced LampizatOr designs) new digital converter was filling the room with the sound of live orchestra. Suave & silky smooth but very detailed.

Bosendorfer Audio speakers from Vienna, always a classic value. A very special speaker trying to pass the piano overtones and harmonics as good as it gets.


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