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Sound & Vision Show 2020, Athens – Part Eight







Akoustiki Kritis (or Crete Acoustics) always with new & old but extremely beloved audio gear ! Auditioning the big Titan floorstanding speakers by Quadral version ‘8’, I was drawn into the room by the full-range sound on various great recordings and didn’t leave for quite a while. Switching to Aliante’s speakers One PF two way bookshelf the sound was always suave but very detailed. The amplification choice for Aliante’s One PF was a tube design of a company called Lyric and based on KT120 tubes (3800,-€). Excellent choice driving the big Titans the Fos Audio 6272A NOS made in Greece (Crete) tubed preamplification (3000,-€) and poweramplification of Aurum Acoustics M10 double transformer (3500,-€). Digital-wise we have always in front the Italian NorthStar designs, analytically the Magnifico transport (real time conversion capable from PCM to DSD) driving a brand new NorthStar DAC. As for vinyls, we have both Fos Phono-stage (tubed) and NorthStar Design (mosfet). Turntables from Perpetuum Ebner and Dual.

Dual turntable CS 600 and NorthStar design digital sources.

Never underestimate the re-entry of reel 2 reel tapes !

“The PE 800 is a turntable for the entry-level class that allowed Perpetuum Ebner to enter a completely new price category. It sticks with the classical PE design and together with the own developed tonearm it is able to compete at highest level.” (~1000,-€)

The PE 4040 MKII is the top product from PE turntables. “Unmistakable its technical relationship to the legendary PE models. Technically innovative, exciting in design, meeting the highest demands in terms of sound, using the highest quality materials, carefully crafted, a player that was created for eternity – already a legend today.”

The classic CS-600 from Dual. So, vinyl lovers inspired from the 80s, this is a belt drive turntable at the mid-category of 1500,- euros. Love it or leave it. Blue ortofon.

Fos (ΦΩΣ) greek-made phono stage and preamplifier. Always tubed.

Back in 2015 mr. Paris Kotsis reviewed for the first Fos (ΦΩΣ) Audio integrated single ended based on 300B. With a totally different approach path & aesthetics, here is its the new 300B JJ-Tesla based Parallel Single Ended integrated offering 18 watts, Alps Blue Pot, made in Greece. Price asking 9000 euros.

More of these lovely looking and sounding Dual turntables.

Fyne Audio great value for money speakers (starting from 400 euros for a pair !!) paired with AVM turntable and amplifiers from AVM also, AudioNet & Leema Acoustics, Hegel higher end suggestions plus more. Focusing on the speakers, for their price Fyne F-501 rendered a believable and natural timbre. Instead of hearing another ‘wanna be bigger’ speakers interpretation of the music, I felt I was hearing the music with great sense of flow, dynamics, resolution and balance.

Audionet’s high end & multi awarded Planck CD Player.

Hegel Mohican CD player, HD-30 ultimate control center, H-90 amplifier and Hegel 590 dual-mono , 2×301 W/8Ω, soundengine 2 Bit Perfect DAC, Apple AirPlay & spotify Connect and UPnP all in one integrated. (~9500,-euros). What a fantastic world of great performers ! Static display here. Arrange a meeting with Hegel’s audio products as soon as possible!

Fyne Audio F-501 speakers (~2.000 euros) filled the room with fine sounds, awarded from WhatHiFi magazine. Listening from Dream Theater to various jazz-rock themes, we find F-501 responding well to all king of music, with fast transients and great detail. Bass-lines were quick and clean and from midrange to upper treble there is a sense of artful balance.

AVM ROTATION R 2.3 in …heavy rotation. The backlight of platter added to the whole room aesthetics. The cartridge was a classic Denon MM.

Leema Acoustics world with preamplifier, stereo amplifier, digital source.

The new AVM all in one integrated, including streamer, cd-player, enough power to satisfy and probably anything you asked for. ISOL-8 keeping AC power clean and clear.

Leema Acoustics phono stage.

Samsung’s top-tier Q950R QLED 8K , has the heart and soul of a winner. Fantastic resolution, awesome picture, voice control. In short words: If you’re looking for a state-of-the-art QLED 8K – and don’t mind paying for it – the Q950 should be at the top of your list.


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