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Schiit Audio goes analog-wild! Coming soon, the SOL turntable !

Ναι, το γνωρίζουμε ! Το πικάπ της Schiit Audio δεν μοιάζει με κανένα άλλο στον πλανήτη στην κατηγορία τιμής του. Σχεδιάστηκε με σκοπό να προσφέρει την πλέον θαυμαστή απόδοση στα χρήματα. Το μοντέλο SOL (πλατό/βραχίονας) ευελπιστούμε να είναι κοντά μας και κοντά σας το φθινόπωρο. Ενσωματώνει για πρώτη φορά στο ζητούμενο αντίτιμο on-the-fly ρύθμιση VTA καθώς και έναν… 12ιντσο carbon βραχίονα !! Περισσότερες λεπτομέρειες στο web site της Schitt Audio (Schiit Audio ‘SOL’ details) και στην έδρα της αντιπροσωπείας Golden Acoustics & Analogue Corner.

Details in English:

Ideal For Turntable Owners Looking For More
If you already own an inexpensive turntable, but you’re looking for maximum performance (without a second mortgage), Sol is perfect for you. Sol turntables include the acclaimed Audio-Technica AT-VM95EN cartridge with nude elliptical stylus, set up and ready to go. If you want more, it’s easy to swap Audio-Technica styluses to microline or Shibata versions, without changing the cartridge. Or, you can choose the all-new Grado Opus3 (high output version). And, of course, you can always mount your own cartridge as well.
Engineered Specifically for Performance
Sol is the result of years of R&D at Schiit Audio. Some may say we’re just slow (and that may be true), but Sol also went through many iterations to reach its final form. That’s how we landed on something completely unique, a true unconstrained unipivot design based on aluminum die castings, with not a piece of MDF or acrylic in sight. That’s also how we decided to include an insane amount of high-end features, like on-the-fly adjustable VTA.
Separate Motor Pod
As an example of our dedication to performance, Sol’s motor is completely separated from the plinth and platter, housed in a separate, sorbothane-isolated pod that decouples it from the rest of the turntable. A low-durometer rubber motor base and composite, rubber and cork platter mat increase the isolation.
Longest Arm in the Hood—Swappable in Seconds
Sol features a carbon fiber tonearm that is longer than anything else in its price class—a full 11” long. A longer arm means more accurate tracking—much better than the “baby arms” of other affordable turntables. Not only that, the Sol tonearm can be swapped in seconds, allowing you to easily change cartridges to meet your specific needs.
Total Adjustability for Every Need
Sol was also designed to help you extract the maximum performance from every cartridge. Literally everything is adjustable. From on-the-fly VTA, cartridge angle, anti-skate, and even tonearm pivot height, platter height, and motor pulley height, we have you covered. You’ll be comfortable using an expensive cartridge with Sol, knowing you’re getting the most out of it.
Designed and Built in California
By “designed and built in California” this is what we mean: the vast majority of the total production cost of Sol—including the die-cast aluminum pieces, machined and stamped metal pieces, boards, assembly, etc—goes to US companies manufacturing in the US. Our castings are done just beyond the Orange Curtain, many subassemblies are done in Simi Valley, and assembly, adjustment, and testing are done by us in Valencia, CA. You get the picture.
5-Year Warranty, Easy Returns 

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