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Musical Fidelity’s MX-DAC DSD & V90 Back Again !




Ύστερα από αυξημένη ζήτηση, η Βρετανική Musical Fidelity ανακοίνωσε την επαναδιάθεση των κορυφαίων της προσιτών ψηφιακών MX-DAC DSD και V90 DAC. Οι ψηφιακοί αυτοί μετατροπείς έχουν σαρώσει τις βραβεύσεις στην κατηγορία τους και βρίσκονται ξανά κοντά μας, φυσικά στις εγκαταστάσεις της αντιπροσωπίας Exclusive Audio.



“The stereo imaging is very, very good, throwing the stage wide open, making room for each artist or musician to play his or her part. The next positive benchmark is the tonal balance over the frequency range, this makes all kinds of music enjoyable and engaging. And the number of inputs is enough to build a digital system around.” (MX-DAC) – the-ear

“My head is spinning. I haven’t even opened the 23-CD Leon Fleisher box. Compared to the V-DAC II, the V90 DAC offers still greater low-level resolution, superior dynamics, and fatigue-free listening. It does space and place particularly well, and really shines with brass, where lesser DACs tend to turn dull. The Brass Ear would love it.” (V90) – Stereophile

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