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MIT Z Center Power Conditioner – Sale Price !

A very special offer, for just 500 euros this slightly used power filter from the state of the art MIT company.

MIT (USA) Z-Center The Z-center is a comprehensive power-line treatment system in a single unit. It’s really three conditioners in one box. you can power both your amp and digital gear from this unit without the digital gear feeding back noise to the amp. The patented technology included in this product works both on power line disturbances and radio frequency and audio frequency distortions. An under-appreciated, well designed power conditioner by MIT. 10 outlets total, 2x for power amplifiers (does not limit current!), 2x special isolated outlets for digital front ends, 6x outlets for preamp-level gear and analog sources. Internally, each of these three groups feature separately tweaked filters. This power conditioner was in continuous production for 10 years. Provides power factor correction and filtering for amplifiers, preamps and source components. It also provides ground loop isolated, super filtered power to sensitive source components, especially digital components such as CD of DVD players. The Z-centers patented Z-circuitry cleans up and transmits the fundamental power line frequency while it absorbs other noise frequencies from the AC power line. The Z-center not only prevents noise from entering sensitive audio gear, it prevents noise from leaving as well. The Z-center employs MIT’s unique dual transformer “Z” isolator circuitry to isolate sensitive analog or digital source components from amplifiers and other noise producing components. It also prevents ground induced noise from being carried in power line ground loops between equipment. The “Z” isolator circuitry also provides additional filtering for purer power delivery to the corrected source component(s). In addition to vital noise filtering, the Z Center also provides over voltage protection thru its OVP circuitry. With this unit in your system, its effects will be immediately obvious; you’ll notice improvements in accuracy, detail and clarity, with more natural, lifelike reproduction of sound.


Price asking: only 500 euros !! Perfect, mint x-demo condition.

Contact email:

Phone: +30 2310 818352 Thessaloniki

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