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A Kralk Audio BC-30 & “The Paw Base” Speakers Preview ! [English]


“Here at , we have several systems which break in, test and use for various reasons, some for article reviews, but quite a lot is for our recording studio which exists on the premises. So with that in mind, I decided to take my pc and get to a DAC and play a few bars again as I had this morning with the Kralk Audio BC 30’s. This time, I found the Klipsch horn free, a horn with the size and footprint of the Queen Elizabeth for the time when it came out, but Paul Klipsch did change the world with it and its existence did bring on many more positives than negatives in the world of high end. This man, this pioneer of speaker production would be a perfect choice to hear my music on since the Kralk Audio isn’t around. Of course with the PAW stands, which hold a subwoofer within them, you would not expect to hear the bass which you do when you see such a small speaker, and to be honest, when we were breaking it in at the office, we were amazed at how it played despite the totally wrong set up it was in for the first few weeks. “ a full presentation coming soon from mr. Tony Pothitos.



“The PAW stand. Designed and built for the BC-30 speaker system, delivers the extra bass should you need it. Simple easy connection to the rear of the speaker and adjustable levelling feet will have you up and running in minutes.”


…full presentation coming soon.