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Jamo R909 speakers for sale


Dipolar loudspeakers have existed for many years; most of them have been electrostatic designs. However, electrostatic technology has one significant drawback: bass frequency reproduction is often compromised. They simply aren’t able to produce the characteristic physical bass “thwack” you feel in your midriff. The Jamo Reference R 909 audio tower uses electrodynamic speakers instead of electrostatics, and the results are amazing. The exceptionally firm, deep bass and concert-like high end dynamics put you in the middle of the soundstage.The revolutionary Jamo R 909 floor-standing dipolar loudspeaker is packed with high-performance features: Two massive 15-inch woofers, A Seas magnesium midrange driver, A customized Scan Speak Revelator tweeter, A beautiful high-gloss, 1.7-inch thick baffle, with unique multi-ply construction. Like-new condition, price asking: 5.600,-€ . Contact email:

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