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hiendnews.gr & Tony’s Element at Poland High End Show 2017


by Tony Pothitos

Tony’s Element at Warsaw Audio High End Show 2017. Ready,set,go…

Yesterday was a good day, its started with the mailman who came to bring me some awesome looking fuses from Synergistic Research for the Ypsilon amps and one from Audio Hungary, otherwise dubbed by me as Audio Hungry. I then did a quick troll video for Ted and put the fuses in place as to see how it would all turn out. About that another time, but for now let me say that I find it a crime not every amplifier or device with power does not use such technology. That much performance in such a small size I have not seen since illicit drugs were used!

Now let’s get to business. The actual part of where we live and breathe. No, it is not sex, it is business and progression of our kind.

Today I would like to talk about Poland, and more specifically about the Warsaw Sound and Video show. A treat and an anathema to many since it is basically in many venues and there is a need to take a bus to get to any venue. It is not under one roof, and for reasons we can understand, I will not get into the why here.

What I would love to get into is the How. How is it that Poland, has the second biggest show in Europe? Why isn’t Russia doing this, with their GNP, they can easily support a few billion gallons in high performance audio, and why is it that the Warsaw show is such a success?



Let us look at the basics with statistics given from last year’s event:



OVER 168 exhibitors (+11%); Which means it won’t be covered in a day.

More than 520 brands represented (+17%), Which to me sounds astonishing

201 conference rooms and booths (+12%), booths and larger rooms means better music sometimes.

11933 visitors (+6%), This year it is safe to assume that this number willl go to over 15.000 people.

 Seventy, (70) executive-level representatives of foreign manufacturers. Which means one executive almost for every journalist, and 30 left over in case we go partying…

 Over 120 representatives of audio-video dealers  from all over Poland.

 This in itself is a wild number, but take a look at this:

 100 press journalists. I don’t think Trump gets this many on his international tours!

 Broad coverage in the national media, including live TV reports, which we hope to be part of.

 A central meeting point for representatives of distributors, shops, and consumers, an array of seminars, presentations, and concerts.

 And of course, free shuttle buses between the show venues.

PGE National Stadium and the luxurious Warsaw hotels – Golden Tulip and Radisson Blu Sobieski.




Does that make it worth the trip to Warsaw or is there more?


The Menu:

Live act to watch – Kamp!

A stylish electro-pop trio who released their debut album in late 2011 after gaining popularity on the European festival circuit.

DJ to watch – DJ Eprom

The world turntable champion in several categories. Has collaborated with the best Polish hip-hop act, Fisz and Emade.

Venue – Stodola

One of the oldest rock venues in Warsaw and still the best. Hosts a mix of Polish and international acts. Coming soon: Marilyn Manson and Dead Can Dance.

Club – 1500m2

Warsaw’s premier underground house and techno club with a stark warehouse feel. Future visitors include Vitalic, Ladytron and Soul Clap DJing in tandem with local heroes Catz n Dogz.

Hangout – Cafe Kulturalna

Located in the centre of Warsaw in the imposing 200m-high Palace of Culture. There you can meet anybody who is anybody on the Polish music scene.

  • Piotr Metz is the editor-in-chief of Machina.pl and hosts a long-running show on Polskie Radio Trojka.


Frédéric Chopin would be proud of what he left behind.