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Great Used High End Audio Offers at Hxoepilogi (November 2019)

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Quality Used / For Sale High End Audio Offers from Hxoepilogi


VPI TNT Junior turntable with 2 motors and VPI tonearm, like-new condition, only for 3.000 euros.

The in excellent condition high end speakers Kharma CRM 3.2 FE (top-edition) only 7.000 euros.

Dynaudio model Confidence C4 like-new condition. Ultra-low sale price: 4.500 euros.

JR Transrotor turntable plus cartridge plus tonearm, mint condition, for sale only 1500 euros.

Jadis JPA 200 GOLD MK2 monoblock amplifiers with KT 150 tubes / edition, like-new. (retails: 35.000 euros) asking price: 20.000 euros.

Jadis JP80MC GOLD 25YEARS ANNIVERSARY EDITION preamplifier for sale like new (retails 22.000 euros), only 10.000 euros.

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or call: +30-2106850007

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