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Clearaudio Champion Level II plus Unify Tonearm – For Sale !

“All in all, I’d have to view the Champion/Unify in the context of other high-end, high mass audiophile turntable/unipivot arms I’ve spent time with or sold in the retail world. Sonically, the table was excellent with superb and transparent rendition of timbre and precise positioning within and delineation of the soundfield, and was without the usual plodding rhythmic aspect that so dims my enthusiasm for other high-end high-mass turntables. Only its lack of intense musical communication – stemming from less than top-drawer rhythmic drive and dynamic articulation – kept me from shouting “Eureka!” and giving it the highest recommendation. I predict though that audiophile listeners with a bent toward intellect and sonic-based listening (and with the motivation to develop delicate arm-handling techniques) will go absolutely ga-ga over the Champion and Unify. “Stereotimes

For Sale this great combination: Clearaudio Champion Level II turntable plus Unify Tonearm, mint condition. Price asking only 3.300,-€

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The Maestros VIP 1

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