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Sonoma – The ‘Rolls-Royce’ of headphones landed at Aphrodite’s Vision !

Διάθεση – Ακροάσεις: Sonoma Official Web Site: Reviews of SONOMA Model One Headphones Package: The Absolute Sound Review Positive Feedback Review Tone Audio Product of the Year Stereophile Presentation of Sonoma Inner Fidelity Review

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Golden Acoustics at the center of Athens – Open at Sat. 25 & Sun. 26 November !

Ραντεβού στις εγκαταστάσεις της Golden Acoustics αυτό το Σαββατοκύριακο: (Ώρες λειτουργίας: Σάββατο 10.00πμ – 8.30μμ,  Κυριακή 11.00πμ – 6.00μμ.) . στοά Πεσμαζόγλου – Πανεπιστημίου 39 Αθήνα Ποιοτική μουσική, κορυφαίος ήχος και ζεστοί άνθρωποι, έτοιμοι να σας μεταδώσουν την πολυετή τους πείρα! Προσοχή: αυτό το διήμερο θα ειπωθούν μόνον αλήθειες!

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  Warsaw Audio show: First day impressions at the Radisson Blue Hotel. 1) Warsaw is a very beautiful city as far as I can see. Great places to eat and friendly people. My best to them. After what they have been through, I actually bow to them for still being able to smile. 2) I loved the rooms for their ...

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Shunyata new Venom, Delta, Alpha & Sigma series cables at Golden Acoustics.

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Boulder Amplifiers & Products in Greece & Cyprus at Videorythmos SA !

Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες μπορείτε να επικοινωνήσετε με την εταιρία Βιντεορυθμός Α.Ε. ή στα τηλέφωνα 2106423000, 2109597560 Official Boulder Co. Site:

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Como Audio Ready To Steal The Music Of Your Heart !

  Γνωρίστε όλη την γκάμα των προϊόντων στα σημεία διάθεσης της Como Audio: Ηχοδομή Golden Acoustics  

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Great News from Magnepan: The 30.7 speakers coming up!

Διάθεση / Ακροάσεις ηχείων Magnepan:

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Tony’s Element at Warsaw Audio High End Show 2017. Ready,set,go… Yesterday was a good day, its started with the mailman who came to bring me some awesome looking fuses from Synergistic Research for the Ypsilon amps and one from Audio Hungary, otherwise dubbed by me as Audio Hungry. I then did a quick troll video for Ted and put the ...

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