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Purist Audio Design REV-B 1m AC Cable – Used

For further details / audition contact:

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Silver Diamond RCA digital cable used

  “A sound, that looking at the price level they occupy, escapes any rules and attempts at their categorization. Writing about them, that they are a class on their own” Marcin Olszewski for further details contact:

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Reference 3A Power and Audio Note Speaker Cables Used

Επισκεφτείτε την Σελίδα της Chameleon Audio:

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Nordost TYR 2 Norse Cables for Sale !

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Nordost TYR ‘2’ – Extreme Sale Package

DON’T MISS THIS SPECIAL LIMITED OFFER Extreme Sale from Obscure Audio Two sealed-box, brand new interconnects TYR 2 from Nordost XLR 1.5 meter…. only 2000,-€ each pair ! Norse 2 Series interconnects deliver a level of performance not previously possible at their price points. Nordost’s proprietary Dual Mono-Filament construction, first introduced on the legendary Valhalla reference cables, creates a virtual ...

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JPS Labs Jumpers

JPS Labs speaker cable jumpers, the best of the best for biwiring with jumpers. Extreme clarity and transparency. @130 euros

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Cardas Golden Presence 2.5m speaker cable

Cardas Golden Presence 2.5m speaker cable, mint/like new condition, spades/spades terminated. Extremely refined, with a jaw-dropping soundstage on every system adds height and width to any combination of speakers/amplifier. @900,- euros from 1500,- euros retail.

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